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​​"Every couple
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Couples and Marital Counseling Services

Every individual and couple has a unique story. Couples and marital therapy must begins with a thorough evaluation so that the therapist fully understands the history of the problems, individual wants of the partners and sets meaningful goals.


We approach couples therapy from the perspective that the greatest chance for long-term success is the right combination of developing the needed skills, getting to the core emotions that make us feel understood and loved, and having new experiences in and out of therapy.


We can address such issues as:

  • Communication

  • Impact of infidelity

  • Blending parenting styles

  • Feeling isolated/disconnected

  • Contemplation of divorce/breaking up

  • Impact of depression/bipolar

  • Sexual issues

  • Desire to rekindle the romance

  • Working through trauma or sexual abuse

  • Managing chronic differences


Please feel free to call to determine if this service is the best to address your problems.




Individual & Family Counseling


While the focus of TCP is clearly relationship counseling, we are available to provide individual and family therapy (ages 18+).


Just as with couples therapy, the entire process begins with establishing a clear understanding of your challenges and strengths, followed by setting clear goals.


We are happy to work with clients dealing with such issues as....

  • Depression

  • Anxiey and stress management

  • Sexual compulsive behaviors

  • Parenting difficulties

  • Managing chronic mood disorders

  • Major life changes and grief

  • Trauma and impact of abuse


Please call with any questions about our services.

Pre-Marital Counseling


Give the success of your marriage the best chance possible.


The decision to marry is one of the most important. Premarital counseling is ideal to build on your strengths and better understand the differences.


Pre-marital counseling is about education, building stronger bonds and addressing potential challenges in your marriage before you walk down the isle.  PMC is great for developing a better understanding of each other, accepting differences in relationship styles and improved communication.


Using a structured approach, PMC provides an opportunity to build a stronger foundation by addressing such issues as conflict resolution, communication, financial management, sexuality and affection, spiritual beliefs and much more.


The counseling may last anywhere from 3-10 sessions.

Mediation Services

The Mediation service are focused concerning parenting time and other related arrangements. I don't address complex financial matters or the complete dissolution of marriage.


I address such matters as:

  • Changes in parenting time

  • Logistical matters

  • Simple financial matters concerning the children

  • Communication

  • Setting boundaries and changing from husband and wife to co-parents.


The key of all good mediation is clearly defining the client's concerns and interests. The role of the mediator is to remain neutral, while providing guidance by reframing challenges, finding common ground and improving communication. My primary focus is to help parents move to a co-parent strategy that is predictable and business like.


It's important to remember that as long as you are mediating differences, you have some control over the outcome. In court, the attorneys and judges most make the decisions.


As a mediator I do not provide any legal documents or advice. Final documents and petitions are handled most often by your attorney. However, I provide a summary of our meeting and agreements at no cost (and this can be used by an attorney to complete the final legal document)-- you will find that this practice is very unique among mediators and a significant cost savings.


Most mediation sessions can be completed in 1-2 sessions. While clients are only obligated to pay for the initial hour, I often schedule 2 hours.


See office policies and forms for more information.


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